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The Customer Satisfaction Rating of This NJ Lash Extension Artist Is High

This is a commentary from an editor about NJ Lash Extensions Artist Receives High Customer Satisfaction Ratings. The source is

A clean workstation and clean studio are important to providing lash extensions with care, and is why clients continue to praise a premier lash studio providing eyelash extensions in New Jersey.

Ash Santiago is rated highly by customers, adhering to strict standards, providing expert eyelash extensions, and providing outstanding customer service. Many customers return to our salon for refill sessions, which are given by a lash artist with high standards and great customer service.

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New York – Nothing beats waking up to beautiful eyelashes. A premier lash studio providing eyelash extensions in New Jersey, continues to receive high praise from clients. The reviews are assessed based on customer service, lash extension, and hygienic practices of the lash technicians.

Clients wrote that they were very happy with their lash extensions and are returning for refill sessions. By adhering to strict standards, providing professional eyelash extensions, and delivering excellent customer service, it is one of NJ’s best-kept secrets as a top lash studio in Northern New Jersey. 

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