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Upgrading a Domain Name Is Crucial to Rebranding

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The industry should develop a domain name upgrade strategy as a means of adapting to new digital shopping opportunities.

If a company rebrands to their best domain name it is likely to see an increase in traffic and conversions.

Businesses can use’s domain name tips to pick the best domain name.

.com, .net, or even .org can lend more credibility if exact matching is not possible.

It is possible to protect your domains by registering common spelling variations, phonetic equivalents, plural and singular versions, as well as the hyphenated version.

We provide a free starter site for business owners and rebranding clients.

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Why do companies rebrand, is a question that many visitors coming to the site ask us. And us being in the domain industry, that’s an easy question to answer. Rebranding allows a company to adapt, thrive, and grow as a new, fresh brand amid the global health crisis as many businesses continue to pivot to the new digital ways consumers are shopping,” said Michael Santiago, Founder of

Companies rebranding should plan their domain name upgrade as early as possible because it can provide them new opportunities as they attempt to grow their business. Those that rebrand to their best domain name are seen to be more credible which leads to higher trust from their target market and ultimately leads to higher sales and revenue. For instance, when (a productivity platform) rebranded to, it saw an increase of 45 percent in web traffic and conversions, according to 

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